I’ve always loved Rihanna. Here she is with a thug girl tattoo. DHO is still investigating; is it real or fake?

2012 Nike Huarache Go get that throwback Seattle Super Sonics Jersey. You can find these at Finishline.Com

If you knew better you would do better…

Beyonce’s Maternity Room…where Blue Ivy Carter was delivered at. Was it worth it? Oh yes if you’re living the life, why not be comfortable while giving birth. Personally I like the name they gave their babygirl. DHO congratulates the proud parents!

It’s a new year. Da Hoodz Opinion is bacc! Coming bacc harder than before

Michelle Obama Speaks at Spelman Graduation

"The graduates welled with pride upon her arrival, even as she clapped enthusiastically for their achievements"~Augusta Chronicle

DHO can diiiiiig it! Shoutsout to the graduates and Michelle Obama for showing love to the young successful women who studied and work hard to graduation

DA HOODz OPINION hitting you with another one. On it when it happens.


President Obama in Brazil

DHO has to keep you updated on the first African-American President; Mr. Barack Obama. This week he will be in visiting Brazil(second largest nation) for the first time! While he is there he will also be visiting on of the poorest parts of Brazil. It is a neighborhood facing Leme Beach, the scene of the Brazilian movie “Orfeu Negro” (“Black Orpheus”) that is described in Mr. Obama’s autobiography.
D$$$talks and DHO is the home of President Obama. We support him to the fullest! I can’t wait to visit Brazil, it’s such a beautiful place.

(Source: washingtontimes.com)

Allen Iverson Lambo had expired tags WOW!

Who cares is what he said and hopped into a bentley that was following him LOL!

D$$$talks had to hit you with that info…Shoutsout to TMZ for the pics. I must say that Lambo is hott though! A.I was just at the Weave Shop in ATL getting his braids done.

JOBs On a Rise Again “March jobs report: Jobs gain, unemployment falls”

Okay everybody it’s time to get up and start job searching again.             “NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Improvements in the job market may finally be taking hold, as strong business hiring last month brought the unemployment rate down to its lowest level in two years.”  “The economy gained 216,000 jobs in the month. That’s better than the gain of 180,000 predicted by economists surveyed by CNNMoney, and also a significant improvement over the 194,000 jobs added in February.”

All you have to do is check out CNN money they will keep you filled in. Sometimes before you go searching for the job, do a job search in your head. Make a list of possible jobs and jobs you may want in the future. After that go after the job like it’s prey and your a lion.  This is D$$$ hittin you with another one. A few job searching pointers for the unemployed; of course the unemployed that are job searching. E-mail: dmoneytalks@dahoodzopinion.com with all your job pointers!